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In Honor Of Mardi Gras: My Boobies!!

Ladies and gentleman, in honor of the 2010 Mardi Gras, and because I can’t be there in person to do this, I present to you…. <drum roll please>


Okay, okay, so they’re not MY boobies. And that’s actually spelled Bubis according to a few sites I’ve looked at. These two on the left are Blue Footed Bubis. There is also a species of Red Footed Bubi on the Galapagos Isles as well. See the photo below.

Yeah, I know. Feathered Bubis just aren’t the same. And so, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you, my new breasts about a month after latissimus flap breast reconstruction. (see more about that here: living_latflap.htm#how The reason there is tape on them is to keep the scars from becoming keloid scars. Those are thick and ropey. The tape helps them heal flat.


Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction Photos

Since I posted the necrosis photos and a description of each one yesterday, for Valentine’s Day I am celebrating the Twins by sharing with you just what a latissimus flap reconstruction looks like not long after surgery. For those not familiar with this type of breast reconstruction, please see this link for more information: living_latflap.htm#how

This is not graphic like yesterday’s post. The link above is actually more graphic and shows part of a lat flap procedure.

The first photo you see is my back. The long scar lines is where the latissimus muscle was removed from before it was migrated under the skin of my armpits. And yes…I AM a tattooed chick ;-)

Where you see the gauze, that is protecting the entry point of my surgical drains. I have talked about those in previous posts. Just do a search for surgical drains for more information. on those.

The second photo below is of the flap itself. It is the oval-shaped inset. This is VERY soon after the surgery. Those wrinkles relaxed over time and I no longer have them.

And finally,  below we have a happy pair of bouncy baby Twins! I went from a C cup with my original breasts to no breasts to an E cup. I still have nipple reconstruction when we can afford it, but right now I’m just thrilled with my Girls. I’d like to add that these results were accomplished WITHOUT breast implants. Those breasts are all my own, natural tissue.

The white tape you see outlining the flaps is to help the scars heal flat. This reduces the chances of keloid scars. I’ve talked about those in other posts too. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at boobcast (at)


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